So I'm at this bukakke shoot...

2014-04-17 17:30:23 by TheGhostOfMarz

So I'm at this bukakke shoot and it's just me, a few dudes and the director. I look over to the director and say "hey man what the deal?" 

He says"don't worry she'll be here...a half hour goes by and people are gettin' antsy..


I walk over to the director and say "hey man I don't think she's coming"

"well shit! I told these guys I'd pay them."


After a few minutes I emerge naked from the trailer and walk on to the set...I get on my knees and just start sucking as much dick as possible....I got two...maybe three in my mouth and four in my ass...everybody busts at once and I go home with 6000$ was a good day...




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2014-04-17 20:11:35

how to get views: talk about how you were raped

TheGhostOfMarz responds:

What are you talking about? Not one got raped!


2014-04-17 23:46:01

Sorry I meant to say consensualy sodamised

TheGhostOfMarz responds:

I don't know man...I think sodomy still carries the rape connotation ...


2014-04-18 01:41:11

how about friendly ass play

TheGhostOfMarz responds:

That's better...


2014-04-18 16:18:23

What the hell did I just read???!!
I am now contemplating the meaning of life...

TheGhostOfMarz responds:

C'mon man it's pretty straight forward...