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Someone broke my computer

2015-04-20 19:09:54 by TheGhostOfMarz

This is the third time within a year I've lost all of my life's work...

This might be important

2015-03-04 00:07:19 by TheGhostOfMarz

It has come to my attention that a user can replace an upload if they feel it is not satisfying to them(when they choose) unfortunately the reason I've learned of this is because you can now upload something and once it passes through the portal (almost nothing doesn't now a days) you can replace it with something else if you want to void bad out for this...I reviewed something uploaded under  a title involving the word test...turns out it was an incomplete product that they just recently finished and replaced the former with...


this is against the guidelines as you should not upload "tests"...and I am aware that the rules and stuff are not really important to a lot of user these days...and sadly I'm in the minority that cares about NG's average quality level...but this could lead to some chaos if not adjusted...


2015-02-20 02:30:27 by TheGhostOfMarz

this is test

I'm not sure....The world's artist population is in a very weird period....the only way to know if you are truly an artist it to look at a real artists life....some get lucky and get big but a lot of us are gonna end up like most...hungry because we care about our art...until then who knows.....but look at yourself and say....Am I cool without food for awhile? if not....You don't really care about the art...

COOL!!! HUH? or not?


i'm sorry NG...

2014-11-30 04:51:36 by TheGhostOfMarz

HATE using adblock on NG but i can't even type my username and password because the ads take priority away from my typing...i end up typing theg and then having to click it again and then i only get to theghos so i'm sorry NG...but fuck that shit...

How I get Motivated...

2014-11-24 17:03:45 by TheGhostOfMarz

when ever i'm worried i just look at Ali's cartoon (special cop) and say "wow...that thumbnail has one big titty!"

A short review of Ponyo

2014-11-24 03:13:38 by TheGhostOfMarz


    Known for "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Howl's Moving Castle" directory Miyazaki and team Ghibli always do an amazing job when creating new worlds and stories to fit them. this time however they did not have to create a new world to do something amazing, just change the one we already have. 

    we begin the film in the middle of the ocean where some type of underwater wizard is interacting with the sealife. when an adorable human-like fish escapes the wizards ship and begins to the surface on the back of a jellyfish. When it arrives at the surface it meets a young boy and he takes it into his care, Naming it Ponyo . as the story progresses we find out that the fish is magic and it wants to be a human just like the boy but as more information is given to the veiwer it is realized that this could spell trouble for the rest of the planet.

    the story of Ponyo is something I can't do justice with words luckily the movie has Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Tina Fey, Liam Neeson, Betty white, and Jenessa rose to tell it instead. they each give a quality preformance that, unlike many other actors voicing animation, immerses the veiwer and tells the story of the characters naturally. the music of Joe Hisaishi keeps the veiwer in a bubble the whole time as it leads them around the story.

Now it would be pointless to talk about an animated film withou discussing the animation. Forgeting to do so would also leave you surprised if you decided to watch it yourself. to start I would like to say that most special effects will not stand up to the mgaic and wonder that the powerful animation of Ponyo will create. the reason being that the effects in Ponyo actually look like they are part of the world, because the are part of the world. when I watched the film I watched it on a very small screen, but I could only imagine that my head would explode if I watched it in high definition (thats not to say your's will but...YOLO)

If your reading this I would like to say that if you haven't been amazed or enthralled by a movie in a long time, then Ponyo is something worth experiencing. its best to not look up any scenes or trailers, as this film should be experienced without any fully fleshed expectations, and should definitly not be experienced with a tint of feigned adulthood, as Ponyo is something everyone in the family can enjoy equally, but should not be overshadowed by an overly critical mind. if your someone who tries to predict movies or bad mouth every film experience then I would not recomend you this fim (I woulden't recomend you any film). 

    It's like floating on your back in the water, you could worry that a shark might find you, or that a sea monster might come after you, but the experience is richer if you don't worry and just take it all in.


2014-11-23 05:27:26 by TheGhostOfMarz

Holy SHIT! I have toon boom now and it KICKS THE SHIT out of flash if you use a tablet!!! and i've got some really cool ideas i'm gonna try!


2014-11-16 00:07:43 by TheGhostOfMarz

I told this guy i'm not gonna work with him after a certain project and he went nuts and started talking about random ass shit....generally just going now i'm not sure if i should finish the cartoon I started for him...too bad...i can't let someone else get in the way every project i'm working on...its just not right to give one person priority over others..